Bedroom Decoration Ideas In Beach Theme

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You can feel like you’re on the ocean, no matter where you live if you design your bedroom in a beach theme bringing sand and surf to you. Sunshine, shells, sky and sea all work like magic not only on the children but also on the adults as well. When decorating the bedroom of Jacksonville apartments, select the modest dune colors to get the feeling of being on a beach. Select your energizing or calming favorite quality of the seaside and then recreating it using paint, accessories and texture.

Tropical bedrooms can look too beautiful with the hot colors of a beach cottage – scarlet, pinks, brilliant turquoise, sunshine yellow, blinding white and banana leaf green. Curtains with vintage prints combined with matching bedspread can let you recall those glory days of your beach vacations. Less retro, cooler heads would prefer soft shades on dunes above the high tide, chalky seagull feathers as well as bleached shells. The shipshape hues are a mix of white and crisp navy with some touches of the red – gleam of the brass accents can give a feel of waves in the dreams.

The white-colored cotton bedding tends to be light, but the pastel colors of the beach are easy and relaxing for your eyes. In your apartments in Jacksonville you can incorporate sand sheets in blush pink color combined with sea green carpets and pale blue curtains in the bedroom to have that feel of the shore. The bunk of the sailor is sharp having white and blue striped sheets, a nautical chart with a frame up above the bed, and the pillow shams having embroidered anchors. The cabanas of the windsurfers are bright having vivid colors – cobalt, orange, anemone purple, sunset red – tempered by lots of white colored paint.

Once done with the aesthetics, move towards the organization of space. Everyday items should be kept hidden in the drawers so that space can be saved which is at the premium on most of the occasions in small apartments in Jacksonville FL. It is always better to make use of the items which serve more than one function, just like the foot stool which features a lid along with some storage space inside, or small sized bookshelves which double up as the end tables. Every item needs to offer some added space for storage to reduce the clutter that often makes the apartment seem even smaller than what it is.

You can utilize the room dividers that go with your beach theme to create the look of separated areas. This can also prove to be quite helpful in making sure that you add some extra privacy to your sleeping and dressing areas in the apartment. Organization is the key to how your apartment will look and therefore you will have to make strategic decisions in this regard.