Decorate Your 500 Sq. Ft. Apartment With These Tips


Decorating small FL apartments may be a bit of a challenge for you but only because you have to deal with this kind of environment does not mean that it should be cluttered, boring or unattractive. You just have to follow some simple tips to allow yourself to make space feel bigger, have some room for breathing and enjoy a place that you would never mind calling your home.

Start decorating your apartment with the paint choices. Paint the apartment in cool and light colors, particularly the soft greens and blues as they can make your room feel too open. Take a monochromatic approach using similar colors so that everything blends with one another. Make sure not to go for any bold prints and stick to the plain upholstery that can be accented with the pillows. Your small space can be opened up by the light and, hence, you should add some extra lamps or think about installation of recessed or track lighting, if you’re allowed by the rental contract, and make use of dimmers for the occasions that tend to be more intimate. Make all the efforts not to use ceiling lighting in the Jacksonville apartments with such small size as this creates an optical illusion, lowering down the ceilings.

Rid of those heavy curtains opening up the windows letting maximum sunlight enter the apartment. You can also hang large window treatments for creating height in your small rooms. Your room can seem bigger if you will use rugs in light colors. Even with wall-to-wall carpeting, it is a good idea to add the carpet remnant or area rug on top of it.

All the furnishings in the small rental apartments, including chairs, sofas, tables, ottomans, should be scaled down when you are decorating the unit. Make sure that all these things are small in size compared to average size allowing for the maximum flow of traffic. Alternately, you can go for a single big multifunctional furniture item, and you can decorate your room around this centerpiece keeping all the rest of the items smaller than this. Furniture items that can be used for serving more than one functions should be given preference. Curved furniture pieces can be helpful in softening up that effect of the boxlike walls of the apartment, and tables having the glass, or Lucite tops are also a source of adding that open feel to a space. You need to make use of small sized appliances and replace big microwave or refrigerator with the smaller ones.

Any items that are not used too often should be packed or given away. Every item needs to have a proper place. Try to incorporate floating shelves, which can be bought from some hardware store, or make use of the wall brackets as well as wooden planks atop.