Here Are Three Parkville MO Restaurants For Getting A Bite To Eat

Parkville is a great little city in the northwestern corner of the state. We are going to look at some great restaurants that are available for when you are in the area. There aren’t a ton of establishments in Parkville because it is such a small, rustic place. That means you are in for a treat when it comes to finding the hidden gems up there. I’m going to show you three of the best places to get a bite to eat in Parkville, Missouri.

Cafe de Amis is one of the popular places to eat there. It is a great restaurant and actually easy to find since it is on Main Street. This establishment serves up cheese plates, trout, crepes and much more. How would you like some delicious chocolate mousse for dessert?

Stone Canyon Pizza Company is also located on Main Street, so these restaurants are getting rather easy to find. That’s good though because this is another top ranked establishment. Stone Canyon Pizza Company serves up delicious pizza of course, sandwiches and lots of great food. One of the other popular dishes that they make is called shrimp diablo pasta.

Roxanne’s Cafe is on NW Crooked Road, and it is a great place to get Sunday breakfast according to the reviews. This place also serves up lunch and dinner, too, so it’s a good place to get a good meal anytime of the day. Reviewers say that the service is great at this restaurant, too.

It is kind of difficult to pick from these three places. They are all great establishments in a small town in Missouri that is going to impress for sure. If I was to pick one of these three establishments right now for a meal, my pick would be Roxanne’s Cafe and breakfast.