Pop up cat cafe comes to Parkville, Missouri

PARKVILLE, Mo. – If you love cats and you’re in Parkville, Missouri this weekend, be sure to check out a new pop up cat café.

It’s called Whiskers Cat Café, an idea that has now turned into a reality.

The café, located on Main Street, allows the public to come in, enjoy some coffee and some time with adoptable cats.

“Cat cafe is permanently, hopefully, going to be a space where people can come and interact with animals that are adoptable,” Whiskers Cat Café founder Audrey Boese said. “And then if you fall in love, you can take one home and you can also enjoy coffee and tea and baked goods while you’re there.”

The Whiskers Cat Café is an idea that’s been in the works for more than a year, and this is its first pop up event in Parkville.

“The work just continues and this just brings exposure to the idea and help people start talking about it and just kind of moves us along in our process,” Boese said.

It’s a place Boese said she hopes to attract more people to the downtown area and adopt.

“I think a lot of people know Main Street Parkville. I think they come down here and spend an afternoon,” Boese said. “I think this will be one more draw to bring people down and also down from the park while the festival is going on.”

It’s also an opportunity to adopt kittens and interact with one another.

“These days people put in their earbuds and dig in and they just zone out, but in this type of environment, it’ll bring back more of that socializing culture that the coffee house was created for,” Parkville resident Christina Hoffman said.

Boese said once this pop up event is finished, they will go through feedback and hopefully find a permanent home for Whiskers Cat Café.

If you’re interested in visiting this weekend, click here.

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