Three Places In New Parkville MO To Stop By For A Meal

New Parkville MO is a small city with a historic downtown area. Do you like to visit antique shops? What about galleries? There are plenty of them there for you to find and browse. They will keep you busy searching for treasure all day long. When it is time for a break, you will want something to eat. Maybe you can stop by one of these top restaurants in Parkville MO.

If you want to take your food to go, you could have a picnic at English Landing Park. That’s up to you, but let’s get to looking at the first restaurant, Frank’s Italian Restaurant. The sampler is a top suggestion by people who have left reviews, and this establishment on Main Street serves breakfast, too. See if you can save some room for a delicious Italian dessert.

Rusty Horse Tavern is another popular choice, and it is on Lewis Drive. Burgers, tenderloin and delicious salads are some of the menu highlights. One specific salad that people like from there is a pear and spinach salad. Reviews mention that the owners of the place buy local foods, so that means what you eat there is going to be fresh and delicious.

Piropos Grill on West 1st Street, and it is said to be a special place to eat. It is like a place you would go to celebrate. That means you can expect a pricier menu, but it will be a good one. If you want to treat yourself, Piropos Grill is a great place to go.

You will enjoy a lunch at any one of these restaurants in New Parkville MO. Personally, I suppose I would choose Frank’s Italian Restaurant to try out first, but all three of them sound great. Which one is going to serve you up a meal today?