What Furniture Arrangement Should You Go For In The Studio Apartments?


Depending on the layout of the studio apartments, it can be possible for you to have some privacy in your bedroom without having cramp space at all. Many people find themselves uncomfortable when the first thing the guests see is their bedroom as they walk into the apartment. So, it becomes necessary for them to create different sleeping and social spaces, even in the small studios, using some of the basic tricks that are used for furniture arrangement. If there are large furniture pieces to deal with, you should better get the services of some assistant who can help you in moving those pieces. All it would take is just an afternoon, and you’d be able to turn your studio into your home.

Bed should be placed in the most private area of your Jacksonville apartments when trying to create some privacy for the bedroom. For instance, you can place your bed in one corner of your studio apartment where it is farthest from your front door.

The armchairs, couch or other major seating items should be set in the most public space of your studio. For instance, you can set up your seating in an area that is closest to the apartment’s front door. The seating should be arranged in a way that it faces some wall or any corner location for the fireplace, entertainment center, biggest window or some other focal point.

An area rug can be placed right ahead of the chairs or the couch as this can be helpful in making a distinct living space. Storage cubes or the trunk should be placed in the seating area of Jacksonville FL apartments. They can be doubled up for serving as the storage space and prove to be helpful in keeping your apartment uncluttered. The chest can be placed ahead of your seating to make it within your easy reach. Cubes should be placed sideways so that they can serve the purpose of the coffee table. You can also place them alongside your seats so that they can be used as the end tables.

If possible, your entertainment center, television, sound system, musical instruments, etc. should be set up against a wall that does not have any window.

You can make some separation between your seating space and the bedroom space as well as the workspace using some room dividers or room screens. Shoji screens can be a great idea to be used in such scenarios as they allow light to pass through and also conserve space. You can also make use of open shelving as it proves to be helpful in dividing studio apartments making sure that they don’t look to be closed in, as air and light can move pass them. A divider should be placed in a way that it can cover up your bed from a doorway.